Employee Benefits

Customized packages for your needs
PEOs can help you develop a complete employee benefits package. Most employers need a combination of medical, dental, life, direct deposits and credit unions to maintain a solid employee base.

PEOs write individual Section 125 documents for each of their clients that require a Pre-Tax Cafeteria Plan. This style of benefits administration allows clients to develop packages that are completely portable. Individual group health plans allows you to maintain control over enrollment, costs and administration.

Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
An individual, portable, Section 125 plan document can be developed to include the features you need. A Section 125 document will allow your firm to deduct the employee paid portion of qualifying benefits on a pre tax basis. These tax savings will be seen by both you and your employees.

This document is generally written and maintained by an outside firm to ensure proper filing status. They usuallly provide you with the master plan document as well as handouts for all of your employees. Once established, this plan usually stays effective as long as your business is active.

Medical Plans
Individual client medical plans can involve group plans, individual plans, major medical plans or Medicare supplement plans. Their brokers can help develop a combination that is the right fit for your business.

PEOs' generally offer the major carriers and all of their plan options including:

Blue Cross / Blue Shield
And many more!
Their brokers become your brokers - They work for You! Generally the PEO does not receive commissions from your group, so they can bring you the lowest possible rates based on the census of your company.

Dental Plans
Most dental plans range from provider discount programs to DMO's and Dental PPO's. Many PEOs offers American Dental Plan program which is a low cost alternative that will cover most routine procedures with an accessible base of providers.

DMO's and Dental PPO's work in the same manner as group health plans. They require participation percentage minimums and carry a higher cost, however they do allow for a broader base of providers and procedures covered.

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Life, Disability and Supplemental Insurance
PEO's can provide access to Life, Disability and Supplemental insurances. Generally their brokers can access most of the major providers for Life and Disability insurance. AFLAC has been the product of choice for supplemental insurance due to their multitude of options.

401(k) Retirement Plans
You can now offer your employees the long term security they deserve at a fraction of the cost. Most PEOs offer these programs.

529 College Savings Fund
Many PEOs offer a flexible college savings program. The "CollegeBoundFund" offers the power of tax-free earnings growth as a way to save for college. The fund offers a choice of five investment options managed by an asset manager. The plan is funded through employee direct deposits from payroll. It's easy, convenient and a smart way to begin saving consistently for your child's or grandchild's future.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) integrated as part of your overall Section 125 benefits structure. FSAs are accounts that allows your employees to be reimbursed for qualified medical and dependant care expenses with pre-tax money. The accounts are funded through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis, and provide a way for your employees to both spread the medical or dependant care expenditures over the entire year and shelter them from taxes.

Direct Deposits
Many PEOs offer free direct deposits for employees. A direct deposit automatically sends the net amount of the employee's check electronically into his bank account. No more waiting in line at the bank, washed, lost or stolen checks.

Credit Union
Employees are eligible to become a member of a credit union - available in most states.

Employee Savings Clubs
Many PEOs offer Vacation and Christmas Club voluntary deductions which is a great way for employees to have additional cash available for those holidays.

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