About Us

As CEO of a Professional Employer Organization, a payroll service company, I realized there was a need for a marketplace where prospective clients could list their payroll request and eliminate the time consuming search for a payroll company with the "right fit". This marketplace also needed to provide PEOs with a portal to bid for your business and develop new clients. A marketplace where business owners found value and PEOs could thrive.

PEOUSABrokers has now developed the "Payroll Marketplaceā„¢", a listing site where PEOs nationwide can view your payroll quote request and create quotes, but only winning bid PEOs can view your company's detail. To preserve anonymity, business names and details remain confidential to the general public.

In addition, the "Payroll Marketplaceā„¢" provides PEOs with a vehicle to market prospective or existing clients that do not fit their criteria.


Contact us at 1-866-752-3901 for more information or receive a Free Payroll Quote today.